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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In praise of demi-human racial cultures

Very often demi-human racial cultures are criticized for it's unrealistic feel- one dwarven language? one set of customs? Well, this may be right, but only when those races widely populate a very large area. In the Barbaric Frontier dwarves and elves are brought to state of near-extinction, and I really mean it. Few elven communities in the Barbaric Frontier spread among the biggest forests, and that's all. Dwarfs? Well one great underground city-state complex, few 100-200 persons communities spread around whole GroBe Reich. This also applies to halflings, but to a lesser extent, there are make the biggest percent of demi-human population across the known world. Because of that, halfling cultures will be as diverse as human cultures are.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dagon; Daukka(elvish); Dagr(dwarfish); Daugr(barbaric);

Description:Daugr is a entity from before the time - it is the true master of the infinite ocean upon, which flow all the landmasses. Currently something brought its intrest to the Barbaric Frontier, so it came by the tectonic tunnels to the Misty Lake, where it's currently residing and demands tribute from it's inhabitants. It looks like a 60 feet tall demonic frog with sharp fangs and talons covered in green-greyish scale.

Cults: Cults of Dagon are popular among population inhabiting shores of Lake of Mist. Sometimes entire fishing village is devouted to the worship of the Thing from the Lake. Sometimes the anointed among such communities are honored by interbreeding with Dagon's children, which is the cause of emerging toad-like features among members of such communities. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Graphic inspiration vol. III

On Skraelings

Physical Description
Skraelings are a small human race(average1.60m for male, 1.55m for female), with tan skin color, thin but quite muscular silhouette, and are very agile.

Social Structure
Skraelings seems to by the most gender-equal society of the Barbaric Frontier. Males are in charge of hunting and gathering food, also for protection. Females are in charge of intertribal politics, trade and child-raising. The highest position among the tribe has the shaman whom could be both man and woman. The warchiefs are chosen from male members of the tribe. The lowest strata among skraelings' society occupy slaves.

Most of the Skraelings worship Great Mother and her children(nature spirits and deamons).
Religion of Skraelings is a shamanistic one, with each tribe's totem cult. Human sacrafice and ritualistic cannibalism are common things.

All the other nations and races hate and despise Skraelings. With no exceptions.