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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Current state of the Barbaric Frontier

As the Barbaric Frontier campaign is on a hiatus due to my many duites around the university and my M.A. thesis, I have only little time to work on the Barbaric Frontier, still the worki is being done. Now I'm drawing more inspiration not only from Westmarck from Hyborian Age, vikings' Vinland  but also roman conquest of the British Isles. Reading 43 A.D. and it's supplement Warband makes me want to run a game of small squad of rangers set deep in the Barbaric Frontier wilderness. I'll need to work out some more details concerning military service in the nordmarkian army and barbaric society. I think for the convenience I'll model them on the late roman military(and maybe polish obrona potoczna from XVc.) and germanic and celtic tribal society. Still conceptualizing my beastmen, I want them to be different from their Warhammer counterparts, maybe more akin to the Moreau's creations. Ok that's for now. If I'll have some spare time this evening I'll post a map and key to the Temple of the Frog God.

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