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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Here's werewolf for my C&S game:

Moldavian boyar

Here's leader for my next C&S warband - moldavians, wearing traditional kuchma (hat), long sleeved overcoat and knee length kaftan.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer campaign: Cossacks & Tartars sandbox

Finally after finals at my university I have time to play some rpgs, and since I've reunited with my old gaming group I'll run my Cossacks & Tartars game. 

Recently re-reading Jacek Komuda's books and Harold Lamb's Khlit stories I'm on the pulp/history kick.
I'll set my campaign in the south-eastern border of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (i.e. Ruthenian Voivodeship, todays territory of Poland and Ukraine) during early 1620s. Here's map for my sandbox:

For the most part it'll be a historical game, however I'll plan to include some supernatural elements like witches, pagan slavic cults, cossack zombies, devils (like Rogalski and Boruta), jesuit sorcerers, upirs (something like a vampire), brukołaks etc.

Graphic inspiration XXXVI

Polish nobles for Flashing Steel

Andrzej Skarżyński
Points 45Quality 4+Combat 2
Special RulesDrunkard, Duellist, Leader, Sword - other

Horst Zobeck
Points 42Quality 3+Combat 2
Special RulesDuellist, Sword - Rapier

Michał Różański
Points 32Quality 4+Combat 2
Special RulesDuellist, Sword - other

Ewaryst Ciechowski
Points 53Quality 3+Combat 2
Special RulesBrawler, Drunkard, Pistol, Sword - other

Mikołaj Radnicki
Points 65Quality 3+Combat 2
Special RulesBrawler, Murderous, Pistol, Sword - other

Jan Kurowski
Points 55Quality 3+Combat 2
Special RulesBrawler, Pistol, Sword - other

1/72 Inn for Cossacks & Tartars wip

Here's wip of my inn for the Cossacks & Tartars game it's in 1/72 scale: