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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer campaign: Cossacks & Tartars sandbox

Finally after finals at my university I have time to play some rpgs, and since I've reunited with my old gaming group I'll run my Cossacks & Tartars game. 

Recently re-reading Jacek Komuda's books and Harold Lamb's Khlit stories I'm on the pulp/history kick.
I'll set my campaign in the south-eastern border of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (i.e. Ruthenian Voivodeship, todays territory of Poland and Ukraine) during early 1620s. Here's map for my sandbox:

For the most part it'll be a historical game, however I'll plan to include some supernatural elements like witches, pagan slavic cults, cossack zombies, devils (like Rogalski and Boruta), jesuit sorcerers, upirs (something like a vampire), brukołaks etc.


  1. That sounds extremely cool. I've enjoyed Lamb's biography of Ghengis Khan but I've never read these cossack stories. They have them on kindle at around $10 a book so about $40 for all 4 volumes.

    How were these stories? Good, bad, so-so?

  2. I'm a huge fan of With Fire and Sword and the Khlit stories, and my Flashing Blades campaign includes rumors and other links with Ruthenia and the Dzikie Pola. I'm following your campaign with great interest.

  3. Thanks guys:)

    Khlit books are nice I'd say they're Conan stories set in the early modern, so definitely worth reading.