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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cossacks and Tartars

I'm a roleplayer, a wargamer but first and foremost I'm a avid fan of history of Central and Eastern Europe especially late XVIth to XVIIth century. From military to history of customs, economics and social life. Combining this with my love for rpgs I've played a lot of campaigns of Dzikie Pola. Meanwhile I became enamoured with the concept of old school gaming, especially sandbox play. So I've decided to create a game that will encompass my two loves, that is, old school gaming and history, thus the concept of Cossacks and Tartars was concieved. 

The game will be set in the south-eastern frontier(today's Ukraine) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth(abreviated PLC for further convenience) during reing of Vasa dynasty in PLC. This time frame encompasses most of the cossacks' revolts and makes this game more viable for play. My biggest inspirations are history itself, Sienkiewicz's trilogy(that is with Fire and Sword, Deluge and Pan Wołodyowski), Harold Lamb's Khlit's Adventures and books of Jacek Komuda(not translated to english) and R.E. Howard's Solomon Kane. However my Cossacks and Tartars for most of the part will be a historical game, it will include some supernatural elements, like alchemy, sorcery, witches, pagan cults, maybe some cthulhu mythos.

The rules are in their alpha version and need some playtesting, but here are bits of rules which for 100% will be in the final version:

- rules based on the Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Swords & Wizardry Core Rules 4th Printing
- classes: fighting-man, soundrel, cossack, tartar
- rules for social status
- new equipment and rules concerning use of the blackpowder weapons
- new combat options
- rules for drinking contests
- extensive list of adversaries, those mundane and supernatural
- brief history of PCL, its customs, conflicts, social structure, military and fashion


  1. Sounds very cool! Different than the average medieval European game.

  2. Thank you, I'll try to make it as accesible for gamers from the western culture as possible:)

  3. Just stick to your own vision and it will be a success! I'll read this blog with interest.

  4. What about Horsemanship rules, or rules to make mounted combat an integral part of the game? Doing anything in that direction? I'm not aware that there's all that much in D&D other than a charge bonus with a lance.

    On related topic have you played Warband Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword?


  5. Yes I've played it and very much enjoyed. As for the horsemanship, some special manouvers will appear, however I'm still working on this.

  6. Sounds really cool! I'm very interested in following your progress on this!