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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

W.I.P. of the map of the Nordmark

Nordmark will be the first place in the Barbaric Frontier, where I hope to run a google+ game in the late February. Still this map lacks names of the settlements and neuvolkian villages. The good thing about losing all my data about BF is that now I'm tweaking it to my current tastes, i.e. more conanesque, more in style of the Bossonian March and Cimmeria especially. So expect more hills shrouded in mist, creeply quiet coniferous forests. Hundreds of torchlights in the horizon, serpentmen sneaking around Neuburg.   

Sorry for my poor english.


  1. I like the map. Did you use Hexographer for that?

  2. I did not Realize you are not a native English speaker. There may be a grammatical error here or there, but none I have not made myself.

    Impressive, as is the setting!

  3. @ Simon Forster
    Yes it's hexographer with a touch of GIMP.

    @ Rob L
    Thank you:)