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Friday, January 20, 2012


Following Big Lee, Angry Lurker and Bard, I'm presenting my favourites.

Period: Early modern history of central, eastern and southern Europe, great migrations period and dark ages.

Scale: 28 mm and 20mm(1/72), first one for its availibility and second for its low cost.

Miniature rules: Song of Blades and Heroes, I love rules-lite, DIY troops and army lists.

RPG rules: Swords & Wiardry Core Rules (4th printing), stripped down d20

Miniature manufacturer: Grenadier(currently sold under Mirilton)-love their barbaric range.

Book: Edgar Allan Poe's Weird Tales and poems, Jacek Komuda's stories about Jacek Dydyński, Gene Wolfe's Shadow of the Executioner, R.E. Howard's the Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, Feliks Kres' Księga Całości

Art: Frank Frazzeta, Alfonse Mucha.

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