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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cossacks & Tartars summer campaign

This summer campaign started with a complete mess. First I've planned to run sandbox in the rutheninan voivodeship set in 1620s, then my player's asked me to run a campaign during the Smoleńsk War (polish-lithuanian commonwealth-russian war (1632-34). Now were're playing at the dawn of the PLC-turkish war (1633-34), being a bit angry about my players for all these changes, now I think we're having a blast! 

Both of the players wanted to play zaporozhian cossacks and wanted to do some chaika raiding along the Black Sea, which in turn will be the cause of the aformentioned PCL-ottoman conflict.

So during the first session we've rolled up two cossacks, and started in the Zaporozhian Sich on Bazavluk island. My friends and I are a history-buffs so we did a lot of role-play in the sich, drinking and doing some other day-to-day stuff typical to cossacks. Then lured by the prospect of earning some money and looting muscovites they've tried to enroll to the registred cossacks, who were sent to the Smoleńsk. So they went to Łubnie, where they were to gather. 

During the trip to Łubnie they've looted a village that belongs to Kniaź Jarema Wiśniowiecki. When they've arrived at Łubnie,  Jarema behaded those, who've looted his estates, however PCs by their wit and sheer luck escaped execution.

Now pissed off  PCs with other  cossacks not allowed to go the Smoleńsk war build chaikas in secrecy to raid some cities on the Black Sea shore.

This session was rather sims-like game, which I and my players really like, exploring cossacks' daily life and main features of their existance. Since the campaign has turned upside down in terms of place in which it's set and period, I did not have the hex map of the Black Sea region. 

While searching for good map for my sandbox I've stumbled at a great site - http://www.maps-for-free.com/
So now I've only had to place a hex layer on the map, and here is how it looks:

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