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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Barbaric Frontier stretches from the east to north of the Nordmark. It’s vast territory is covered by forests, Misty Lake and mossy hills. Throughout the frontier live eponymous barbaric tribes of north. They are the major obstacle in the process of reclaiming north for the Groβe Reich.

Nordmark was established as march over fifty years ago, when contemporary emperor of the Reich decided to protect northern border of his country and to reclaim long lost north of the continent to the barbaric tribes. Governed by margrave Otto from Goethe aristocratic family. After brief time of prosperity march fall into decline thanks to lost access to the upper part of the Turbid River-the main transportation route from gold mines of Dragon Mountains and Iron Gate Keep. The main settlement of Nordmark is Neuburg, a small walled town build around the von Goethe Keep.

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