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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Religion in the Barbarian Frontier

Of Groβe Reich
Citizens of Groβe Reich are all exclusively members of the Church of the One. It’s a monotheistic religion, where the main theme of religious practices is redemption of the primal guilt of disobedience of ancestors. Teachings of the One and his prophets strictly forbids practicing magic which enslaved humanity millennia ago under rule of otherworld entities.

Of Barbarians
Religion of barbarians of the north is an amalgam of shamanistic and animistic concepts. Those who conduct religious rituals are shamans who contact spirits of the otherworld.

Of Elves
Elves do not have a pantheon of gods per se, instead they revere nature in its wild aspect very often calling upon spirits of nature.

Of Dwarfs
Dwarfs revere their holy ancestors, great heroes of the past. They do not possess any kind of priest-caste, all religious rituals are cultivated individually, though it often happens in so called “houses of remembrance” dedicated to ancestors of whole dwarfdom.

Of Halflings
Halflings embrace teachings of the Church of the One with a twist. Their dogma seem to be less strict then that of their human counterparts.

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