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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dagon; Daukka(elvish); Dagr(dwarfish); Daugr(barbaric);

Description:Daugr is a entity from before the time - it is the true master of the infinite ocean upon, which flow all the landmasses. Currently something brought its intrest to the Barbaric Frontier, so it came by the tectonic tunnels to the Misty Lake, where it's currently residing and demands tribute from it's inhabitants. It looks like a 60 feet tall demonic frog with sharp fangs and talons covered in green-greyish scale.

Cults: Cults of Dagon are popular among population inhabiting shores of Lake of Mist. Sometimes entire fishing village is devouted to the worship of the Thing from the Lake. Sometimes the anointed among such communities are honored by interbreeding with Dagon's children, which is the cause of emerging toad-like features among members of such communities. 

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