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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In praise of demi-human racial cultures

Very often demi-human racial cultures are criticized for it's unrealistic feel- one dwarven language? one set of customs? Well, this may be right, but only when those races widely populate a very large area. In the Barbaric Frontier dwarves and elves are brought to state of near-extinction, and I really mean it. Few elven communities in the Barbaric Frontier spread among the biggest forests, and that's all. Dwarfs? Well one great underground city-state complex, few 100-200 persons communities spread around whole GroBe Reich. This also applies to halflings, but to a lesser extent, there are make the biggest percent of demi-human population across the known world. Because of that, halfling cultures will be as diverse as human cultures are.


  1. Ive always assumed that each race had multiple dialects and sub languages but the rest of the world lumped all "Halfling" languages together. In a world with multiple intelligent races Im sure that all our languages would be lumped into "human" category even though we actually have a diverse set. In some of my games where my players have traveled far from their home origins the race languages shift tot he point where they need interpreters or spells to communicate with locals.

    nice blog followed and gonna be looking for updates

  2. Hi, thanks for heading me up in your blog roll...I´ll add you to mine :-D
    Nice looking blog...a question...Skraelings..are they in the PC game Dungeon seige??