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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Physical description
Halflings are short, very often fat people with furry feet and leather-like soles. Males lack of facial hair except sideburns. Females usually braid their hair and decorate them with colorful ribbons.

Halflings are living in small enclaves on outskirts of human civilization divided into clans. Every clan has the council of the elders headed by the chief, who is elected every four years by the common assembly of the halflings of the given community 

Halflings embrace teachings of the Church of the One with a twist. Their dogma seem to be less strict then that of their human counterparts. They shun the doctrine established by the Church, and propose less strict, more personal approach in relations with the One. They even brought some elements of their old religion.

Halfling are the most numerous demi-human rare in the Known World. Most of them live among the humans. They're treated with suspicion in the human settlements. As for their relations with dwarves- they're quite good since they togehter with the dwarves estalbished some kind of a "truce" to oppose their human-counterparts' maltreatment. As for the elves - they treat them with suspicion since they live in a very remote places usually not settled by halflings.

Male names: Aart, Abraham, Ade, Adelbert, Adrianus, Albert, Aldert, Alwin, Ambroos, Andries, Anton, Arend, Augustus, Bart, Baastian, Bernhard, Bonifaas, Boudewijn, Brecht, Casper, Cees, Christiaan, Daan, Diederick, Edwin, Egbert, Erik, Ernst Erwin, Esme, Faas, Filibert, Filippus, Floris, Frans, Freek, Gerben, Gerd, Gerhard, Gerlach, Gerolf, Gerolt, Gerrit, Gijsbert, Gillis, Guus, Hans, Harm, Hendrik, Hubert, Ignaas, Jakob, Jan, Jeroen, Jochem, Joep, Joost, Jurgen, Klaas, Lammert, Leopold, Lievin, Lowie, Ludo, Luuk, …etc.

Female names: Adelheid, Agnes, Aldegonda, Aleida, Anika, Anneliese, ... etc.


  1. You failed to include any recipes for Halfling...

  2. Love the name creations - did you do them all yourself, or have you got a name generator program?

  3. They're a selection of old irish names from name nerds site.