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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wargaming in the Barbaric Frontier

Readers may have noticed that from time to time I post photos of painted miniatures. These are not for rpg sessions. From time to time I like to solo play small skirmish games using Ganesha Games' Song of Blades and Heroes rules. For now I've got three warbands for gaming in the Barbaric Frontier setting:

- Bandits/peasant rebels
- Dwarfs
- Barbarians

Also I'm working on the Neuburg Town Watch warband, and got plans for the skraeling and elven warband,  but these will need some extensive converting for which I do not have neither time nor money at the moment.

Some write-ups of my warbands:

Bandits/peasant rebels

Bandit/Peasant leader x1
Q4 C3 Cost 53
Leader, Forester, Greedy

Bandits/Peasant rebels x7
Q4 C2 Cost 252
Shooter(long), Forester, Opportunistic


Dwarven Chieftain x1
Q3 C4 Cost 76
Leader, Short Move, Shieldwall, Heavy Armor

Dwarven Warriors x10
Q4 C3 Cost 200
Short Move, Shieldwall

Dwarven Archers x1
Q4 C3 Cost 24
Short Move, Shooter(medium)


Barbaric Warlord x1
C3 Q3 Cost 60

Barbaric Shaman x1
Q3 C1 Cost 40

Barbaric Warrior x4
Q4 C2 Cost 60

Barbaric Archer x2
Q4 C2 Cost 52

Barbaric Berserkers x2
Q4 C2 Cost 48
Savage, Fearless

Barbaric Chosen Warrior x1
Q4 C3 Cost 32
Big, Savage

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