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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Organizations of the Barbaric Frontier cont'd

Princess' Company

Princess company is a small but very brutal band of dwarven misfits and outlaws under the leadership of  Anne "Princess" Holtz(F2,7HP, AC 13, throwing knives, dagger, short sword). Some say she's a bastard daughter of the margrave of Nordmark, others that she's a demon from the darkest pits of hell. Nontheless she's the leader of the most notorious scum ever roaming the Barbaric Frontier. Speaking aloud her name in a tavern make the other people look at you with a suspicion at least. At worst you'll be hanged at the nearest tree being accused of spying for the bitch as she's called among the people.

Anne is a women in her mid-twenties with long black curly hair, slim yet powerful silhouette and a scar goin right through her left eye from forehead to cheek. It is not know how she was aquinted to her dwarven companions, but soon after that she've become their absolutely obeyed leader. The company of Princess consists of 12 dwarves, all misfits and exiles from the Iron Gate Keep.

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