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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cossacks & Tartars braunstein-esque game musings part I

For a long time I've wanted to run a braunsteinesque game, but many obstacles were laid in front of me. First I didn't have minis, and what more - there wasn't any range of minis that would be required to play XVIIc. PLC game. Second, I  only had a vague knowledge what braunstein was, yet enough to spur my imagination. Now I have sculpted or converted enough minis to play such a game, I've also came across some very insightful descriptions of this type of game.

First is to establish a plot, a quite uncomplicated one. So here's my:

The game is set in the south-eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in march 1630 near Cherkasy. The civil unreast makes the atmosphere very dense. Those cossacks that didn't get in to the register, envy those that did. Some of them came to the city of Cherkasy, where Hryhoryj Czornyj- the hetman of registered cossacks with his men stayed for the winter. In Cherkasy stay also some soldiers of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to keep peace in this tumultuous region and time. It is said that tartars are coming near Cherkasy to counter-raid unregistered cossaks, who sacked their domain. In the middle of this hard situation is the townsfolk of Cherkasy.

From this short scenario pitch we can pick few (favourably odd number) factions:

Registered cossacks
Unregistered cossacks
Polish-Lithuanian army
Townsfolk of Cherkasy

More in the part two of the musings.

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