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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cossakcs & Tartars braunstein-esque game musings part II

This time I'll focus on the previously established factions.

Registered cossacks
Registered cossacks are those few, who got enrolled into the register, that is a part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's army. Their leader is Hryhoryj Czornyj - the Registerd Cossacks Hetman.They currently reside in the city of Cherkasy.

- prevent unregistered cossacks from revolting
- protect Cherkasy from Tartars

Secret goals:
- prevent registered cossacks from flipping sides to the unregistered ones

Unregistered cossacks
Those cossacks weren't enough lucky to get in to the register. Poor and angry, try to get rich by pillaging nearby noblemen's holdings and raiding on chaikas crimean estates. There're the main force behind most of the cossacks' revolts. They are led by Taras Fedorowicz.

- Make the registered cossack to flipp to your side
- protect Taras Fedorowicz from PLC army

Secret goals:
- kidnapp Hryhoryj Chornyj

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army
These soldiers are the part of Polish-Lithuanian army that stays in the city of Cherkasy for winter. They are part of the komput.

- pacify drive away unregistered cossacks from Cherkasy
- protect the city from the Tartars

Secret goal:
- kindapp Taras Fedorowicz

Townsfolk of Cherkasy 
Tired of stay and abuse of cossacks and PLC army. Mostly greek orthodox ruthenian people, some jews, armenians and german city watch.

- protect your belongings from PLC army, registered and unregistered cossacks and tartars

These are the tartars from uluses pillaged by the cossacks. There are mean and angry looking for revenge on cossacks and loot.

- kidnapp Taras Fedorowicz
- take as much yasir as possible

Secret goals:
- check the fortifications of the city and make plans of them for the future siege.

Next time more on the rules.

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