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Friday, December 30, 2011

All Barbaric Frontier files lost for good

Crap it was a software problem with my computer and the dumbass couldn't retrieve my files. I need few days to get along with it, but after this I'll return to posting. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to refresh my ideas.


  1. Bugger. Hope you still had all your notes.

  2. Damn, what a shame and a terrible loss.

  3. Don't worry - that sinking feeling will get better. On the plus side, you still have your excellent blog posts to serve as a foundation.

  4. Well next time I'll do some back up files.

  5. Before you give up, have you tried to use Ubuntu to find them up?

    I did so when my Windows XP crashed, and Ubuntu Live CD saved my life.

  6. I've been through this a few times and it does a great job of making you focus on what you really are passionate about, rather than the flood of distractions the internet offers.

    Sorry to hear the bad news M.P., but at least you've got this blog and so haven't lost everything.