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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Barbaric Frontier Compendium 2011

Sh!t! My main computer where I have ALL my files for the Barbaric Frontier went down, I couldn't turn it on. Becuse of this, the Barbric Frontier Compendium 2011 will be delayed for app. week and a half. Anyway I'll continue to post new things from my mobile.


  1. Oh dear. Hope it's something you can fix, or that you have backed up. The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago, but I was able to get it working just long enough to back up my stuff.

  2. I was foolish enough not making any back up, now on I'll backu up everything;p. The guy at the service told me he'll send my any files he can restore. So I'm hopefull.

  3. I hope you get it restored, I has the same thing happen 3 years ago and lost EVERYTHING--it was unrecoverable. Best of luck

  4. Hardware or Software problem?
    Because in the second case you can recover everything.

  5. I have no idea, I'll know tomorrow.