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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Groβe Reich

Groβe Reich

Precis: Power struggle between kurfirsts in fantasy version of the Holy Roman Empire

Conspectus: Ruled by the emperor Udo the second of the Blitzling dynasty. Great cities built on multiple layers of the demonic ruins. Petty conflicts between local dukes. Religious turmoil in vain of the Hussites' Wars. Occult organizations plotting to take over the Groβe Reich, discrimination of demi-human  races, black death. Free Zone - tax-free domain of drug dealers, greedy traders, sorcerors and other scoundrels.

Taste, Sound, Image: Heineken beer, Black Sabbath with Ozzy,Wfrp 1st ed. Empire, Pieter Bruegel art, Hieronymous Bosch art

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