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Monday, April 2, 2012

Iron Gate Keep

Iron Gate Keep is a vast complex of mines, craftsmen's workshops and first and foremost - last orginal dwelling of dwarves in the Known World. It's orgins fades into the darkness of millenia before human calendars. It's been a thriving community at the dawn of Aquila Empire and a gradually fading one at the onset of the Groβe Reich. Still after so many millenias it's the biggest and the most populous dwarven settlement in the Known World, while only about 1/3rd is inhabited, the population is approximately 35,000 dwarves. The uninhabited part is a lair of many monsters and horrors, but also a place of great treasures and long forgotten secrets of past glory of the dwarven race.

The head of the Iron Gate Keep is titled the High King under the Mountain. currently the title is held by Sigvald Ivarsson 999th High King of Iron Gate Keep. He has many advisors such as leaders of the great houses and guild masters. Only halls near entrance of the Iron Gate Keep is open to the strangers, however, still treated with a sure dose of suspicion. Those who want to delve deeper into the lost halls and seek gold and glory must pay 90% tax from the treasure they acquire - still it's a very profitable endavour yet very dangerous and only the most witty and fit will survive such a venture into the depths of the Dragon Mountains.


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