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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Verezzian League of Republics

Precis: fantasy version of feuding medieval italian city-states of Dante Aligheri and Petrarca with an admixture of Marquise de Sade.

Conspectus: League of republics ruled by council of Doges of each of the verezzian city-states. City-state of Verezzo the most prominent, built on a lagoon, thriving place of trade with the most exotic realms of the South and East. Lots of the demonic ruins. Great artists live everywhere with generous patrons. Spring of progress and knowledge, many universities and academies. Decadent aristocracy and merchant families. Libertine customs, orgies, incest etc. Assasinations, intrigues and skullduggery.

Taste, Sound, Image: Haendel La Folia; Prelude in C-moll by J.S Bach, dry wine, van Eyck art

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