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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Halfling Hills

Halfling Hills after centuries of discrimination and pogroms of Halflings in the Groβe Reich, to prevent further turmoil emperor gave a small hilly land on the border of the Reich. Halflings eagerly settled down there. Emperor also granted them the “de nontolerandis Humanitatis” law which forbade any human to settle in Halfling Hills under the penalty of death.

Hilltop |hex number: 33.29|population: 400|leader: elder MacTulla|trade: fruits, cattle

Sleepy Hollow |hex number: 32.32|population: 150|leader: elder MacDuana |trade: pottery, cattle

Riverbank |hex number: 39.31|population: 300|leader: elder MacAblach|trade: fish, linen 

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