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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Player races of the Barbaric Frontier

Humans are the most numerous of the races of the known world, they spread to the farest its reaches.

Dwarfs are a race of small but stout race of mountain dwellers brought on to the edge of extinction. They try to avoid contact with any other races except for exiles from their society who live among humans.

Elfs are a mystery in the known world, they seem to embody each and every aspect of nature itself, both graceful and wild, of untamed passion and secretiveness. They seem so human, yet, their culture and mentality seems very alien to other races, which cause many conflicts in the relations with other races.

The most “human” race of demi-humans, short very often fat with furry feet. Peaceful and jovial people living in small enclaves on outskirts of human civilization. 

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