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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Languages of the Barbaric Frontier

Languages are quite important in the Barbaric Frontier Campaign, since it's set in the eponymous frontier, where different cultures and nations interact.

Reichspiel - is the language of the Größe Reich, well it's a equivalent of late-medieval german language.

Barbaric Language - is the language of barbarians, sounds like gaellic.

Klassik - it's my campaign equivalent of Latin, it's a language of scholars and the Church of the One.

Zwergisch - it's a language of dwarfs, who live among humans of the Größe Reich.

Elven Language - pretty self-explanatory. Sounds like finnish.

Dwarven Language - as above. Sounds like icelandic.

Skrell - language of Skraeling savages, sounds like euskara(Basque language).

Halfling language - language of Halflings of the Größe Reich, sounds like dutch language.

Trade Speak - it's a lingua franca of my campaign world, not precisely a common language, but something that helps comunnicating with foreigners.

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