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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rotten Swamps

Rotten Swamps took its name from horrible stench spreading throughout the swamps and slimy green color of mud and its flora. Deep in the centre of the swamps there is an ancient temple of long forgotten Frog God full of mysteries and horror.

Witch's Hut(hex34.19) Small round thatched hut with stone-walls. Insidie there is only one room with fireplace at the center and a wide bed covered with old furs. The only inhabitant of this hut is a woman 30ish, voluptuous with long curly black hair. Anyone who comes to her hut will by sincerely greeted with food and drink. She will poison or charm adventurers, to make a human sacrafice of them in the Temple of the Frog God.

Temple of the Frog God(hex 32.21) Big ancient building made of black stone. Partially covered with moss and other swamp fauna. Also covered with carvings of unintelligilble horror. Seems to be abandoned ages ago.

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