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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alignment in the Barbaric Frontier

The main theme of Barbaric Frontier is the struggle between barbarism, civilisation and cosmic horror. To make it even more visible I've changed the typical dndish alignment system so that it will even more emphesize that theme. 

People with civilised alignment are more or less law-abiding, with internalised values and schemes of  social roles, code of conduct and hierarchies. They operate within their societal niches well and are quite adaptative to their changes. The example of person with extreme attachment to this alignment could be considered conformist.

People with barbaric alignment are value freedom the most. In civilised areas they feel uncomfortable, constrained by societal code of conduct. They are considered "free spirits". The most attached to this alignment are considered total nonconformists.

Entities with alien alignment are incalculable in their deeds and behavior. Their goals and cultivated values seem so otherworldly and alien that they cannot be compared to any human or demihuman morality or ethics.

None of these alignments is good or evil, naming them I've wanted to avoid this since Barbaric Frontier is all about shades of grey in terms of morality

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