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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brief history of the world of Barbaric Frontier

Uncounted ages ago - elves(Päähenkilö Lapsi - elv. Star Children) came to the Known World from stars and got enslaved and barbarised by Demons, some time later came dwarves from cavern realms on high gravity world, and then humans were brought to the world by alien-demonic entities as slaves.

8,000 years ago - the golden age of Demonic Realms

3,000 years ago - the Prophet's incursion against demons' reign, the first human empire established - the Aquila Empire, Church of the One is established, Halfling first noted appearance

1,000 years ago - collapse of the Aquila Empire, the Sorcerors' Incursion, southern parts of the empire became the Verezzian League of City-States 

800 years ago - barbaric invasion

600 years ago - Grosse Reich established,

Present time - the League Wars of Verezzian City-States 


  1. I love the elves' name for themselves.

  2. It's in finnish, I'll do more with my english-to-finnish translator :).

  3. This is probably the best format for setting out the history of a setting. It's vague enough that you can add detail later, but defined enough that you know what kind of culture built whatever dungeon the players are exploring.

    Good job.

  4. Thanks, it was my intention to make it vague not only to add detail later, but also because I've created only a very small part of the world. Also I do very often change my mind about its shape so creating elaborate history of it would be pointless.