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Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Company

Name: Black Company
Sign: Black Color
Leader: Ulfi the Swift(dwarf level 4)
Members: 150 dwarves(70 crossbowmen, 50 axemen and spearmen, 20 scouts)
Place of residence: Neuburg and belonging settlements

Black Company is a mercenary company of  exiled dwarfs from Iron Gate Keep. Nowadays most of members of the company reside within the walls of Neuburg and belonging settlements. When they are not hired they earn their living by their superior craftmanship especially weaponsmith and armorsmith as well as stonemasonry. Currently they are hired by the margrave von Goethe to serve as a roadwardens, private guard and guards of the tax-collectors. Because of this they are not very popular among nordmarkians. 

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