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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Neuvolk are converted to the Faith of the One northern barbarians. Most of them are of old elk and eagle tribes and some exiles from other tribes. Despite their conversion most of them retained their cultural heritage although enhanced by new ideas from their new southern brothers in faith. This could be seen especially in their dress and arms and armor selection. Former tribe elders became new nobility and the regular tribesmen became freeholders with few feudal responsibilities for former tribe elders. As for their conversion, they rever three aspects of the One - Warrior, Mother and Wise-Man. This heresy is not accepted by church patriarchs but their militatry value as "shield" against tides of pagan barbarians is priceless. Their biggest enemies are their old brothers, who treat them as the betrayers of the old ways, this makes them even more loyal towards their new masters.

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