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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Most inspirational rpg products

Lately I was thinking what rpg rulebooks, supplements and modules inspired the most in the process of creating campaigns.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition

This game is my biggest inspiration. I love to read it, immerse in the scenes presented in pictures. Every page of this book is literally dripping with ideas for adventures. I love it's moorcockian weirdness and gonzo-style perfectly meshed with common high fantasy tropes.

Monastyr Dark Fantasy Roleplaying game
This one maybe not familiar for my english-speaking readers - it's a polish game set in dark fantasy version of the 7th Sea with heavy inspiration from the swedish Gemini game. My vision of inquisition and religion of the Barbaric Frontier is shamelessly stolen from this game.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
For me LotFP is what Wfrp 2nd ed should have looked like. It's weirdness and innovative yet oldschoolish rules makes me wanna play all the time. Oh I have a big love for the Referee's book, and it's attempt at managing bestiary.

Realms of the Crawling Chaos
Maybe not used very much by me, but simply skimming through it makes me want to run a fantasy cthulhu campaign. Love the rules for forbidden books.

Renegade Crowns - supplement for WFRP 2nd ed.
Tables, tables and again tables. This book is all about them. For me it's the best presentation of a campaign setting without to many details, perfectly customizable, yet dripping with flavour. That's the way I want to design my tables.

Gentle readers - what are your most inspirational rpg products?


  1. Well, I tend to stick with my own flights of fancy and ideas, but I recently picked up a copy of 'Realms of Crawling Chaos', and was also rather impressed with the book. Definitely fuel for a campaign some day.

  2. Tomorrow I'll post my answer on the Underworld Kingdom blog :-)

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  4. Great :), I'm looking forward to see it.

  5. Here ya go: