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Monday, February 20, 2012

Organizations of the Barbaric Frontier cont'd

Rangers of the North
Rangers are a military organization established by the emperor’s decree. Their sole job is to scout and protect Groβe Reich citizens from the denizes of the Barbaric Frontier.

Merry Company
Merry Company is a gathering of deserted soldiers of the Reich, rebellious peasants and downright bandits. They operate around and in the Blackwood Forest, mostly robbing merchants' caravans of their goods comming from the Groβe Reich and to it. 

Helmüt’s Raubritter Company
It’s almost an army of knights denounced of their nobility, some peasants and all kind of scoundrels, strictly ruled by Helmüt von Koch, ruthlessly raiding and pillaging Nordmark.

Mystic Cabal
Cabal of witches, alchemists and sorcerers, which try to rule the Known World. Nothing more is known, probably descendands of the magic-users, who started the Sorcerers' Incursion millenium ago.

Halfling Border Watch
Halflings are among civilised people, who live in the northernmost part of the Known World, constant struggle against wild animals, monsters, barbarians and even unfavorable nordmarkians forced them to establish scout-like militia- mainly to protect their borders and sometimes set aside disputes among their kin.

Ordo Malleus
Ordo Malleus is a knightly order of the Church of the One, their main goals is to protect believers, converting resistant pagans and help Ordo Inquisitorum fighting heresy.

Ordo Inquisitorum
Ordo Inquisitorum is an institution subservient to Church of the One, for whom they fight heresy and deamonic cults. 

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