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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Opinion request concerning Cossacks and Tartars

Well my gentle readers, I have a dilemma concerning my upcoming game - Cossacks and Tartars. Do you prefer  an old-school ruleset with indepth view of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth(its army, society, culture etc.) or    rules+some guidelines on reading list?

This will make a huge diffenrence in time of its release, since If you prefer first option, I will have to write the background and make some thorough research and write it. If you prefer second option all I need to do is to find a english native speaker who would be kind enough to proof-read for free(sorry I'm low on the budget) the final script of the game, and then soon the game would be published for free.


  1. My vote would definitely be for the 2nd option.

  2. I'd go with option 2. The history buffs will do their own research and you can tell the rest to watch Taras Bulba and consult a few books.

  3. Option 2, you could always release some more historical info and such later on.

  4. Could you split the difference and at least write a few pages on the setting/background. So maybe something well short of a chapter, but at least give the ill-informed among us (such as myself) a couple pages of background.

    I realize it's a free RPG, but since you asked that is my opinion. :)

  5. Thanks for the response:)

    I'll write some background about Dzikie Pola(this was the south-eastern frontier region of the Commonwealth, which is the default campaign setting for the game).
    In this post I was thinking more about general stuff about Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's history, I forgot to specify this.

  6. Oh, sorry I misunderstood. In that case, I agree with the other posters. Option #2! :)