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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two booklets for the Barbaric Frontier

I've made up my mind about the form I'd like to publish my Barbaric Frontier materials. As I was suggested in the comments in one of my previous posts, I will split my materials into two booklest - one with setting information and hex description and the other with all house rules I'm using and new classes, spells etc.  

Now I have around 80 hex entries and 15 new spells. I cannot establish any reasonable release date, for the time being. I'm doing everything by my self - writing, formating and illustrating so It'll take some time.


  1. No hurry and of course in the meantime you can whet our appetites with samples and sneak peeks. :-)

  2. Thanks all:), sorry for a late reply, I was having my last finals today.

    @ David
    Yes of course I will:)