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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Process of "evolution" of the Barbaric Frontier

Lately I'm doing trying to add some new concepts to the Barbaric Frontier to make it more versatile. So I've decided to trace back the orgins of the Barbaric Frontier and add some bits from the base of its concept.

First concept of creating a setting of noir-ish sword & sorcery adventures(inspired by novel "Without mercy" by Miroslav Zamboch) with weirdness akin to this of Twin Peaks series

Concept of age of deamonic rule over mankind taken from Monastyr Dark Fantasy Roleplay

Reading "Crusades against  the Hussites" by Andrzej Michałek - decided to set my campaign in the fantasy equivalent of central europe of XV century

Getting back to the pulp roots of my interest of fantasy literature. Re-reading Conan, Solomon Kane novels and Moorcock's books.

Groβe Reich and Verezzian city-states created.

Disassembling Warhamer Fantasy Roleplay's setting, looking at the sources of its inspiration. Trying to incorporate this in a "higher volume" in my setting.

Ordo Malleus and Ordo Inquisitorum created

Base outline of the religion of the One

Swords against the Outer Dark blog - this was one of the best attempt at incorporating Cthulhu mythos into fantasy milieu. 

In places deep blog - this blog gave me energy to create whenever I was lacking of motivation.

Watching first season of  the "Game of Thrones" series - changing the climate of the setting to the frozen north nearly subpolar

Reading "First fantasy Campaign" by Arneson helped me to envision the landscape of what will become the Barbaric Frontier

Demi-humans as space-faring races, who lost their ability of space travelling

Basic outline of what will become the Barbaric Frontier created

Picts taken from Conan novels

Barbarians inspired by Cimmerians and Wfrp's Orcs and by Bisley's art

Reading about finnish mythology helped me to concieve elven culture

Helmüt’s Raubritter Company inspired by tales of lower silesia's raubritters of XV century

Rangers of the North inspired by Dunedain

Merry Company inspired by the tales of Robin Hood and peasnt's rebellions of XV century and "Hussite trilogy" by Andrzej Sapkowski(the author of the Witcher novels)

Dwarves taken from the Hobbit comic book with admixture of icelandic sagas

Re-reading "History of Western Slavs" by Andrze Michałek, chapter about guerilla wars between polabian slavs and germans inspired me to create Neuvolk.

Sorry for a messy organization

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