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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backgrounds and Themes for the Barbaric Frontier

After reading D&D Next playtest files I've decided to steal some bits from it to enhance my S&W/LotFP mashup. All the bonuses are used during task saving throws as per Crypts & Things rules.


Soldier(+3 on intimidiation,athletics and survival saving throws)
Mercenary(+3 on intimidiation, bargaining and survival saving throws)
Peasant(+3 on animal handling, bargaining and folklore saving throws)
Burgher(+3 on gathering information, bluffing and bargaining saving throws)
Noble(+3 on diplomacy, bluff and etiquette saving throws)
Aristocrat(+3 on diplomacy, bluff and etiquette saving throws)
Raubritter(+3 on diplomacy, intimidiation and etiquette saving throws)
Bandit(+3 on intimidiation, stealth and saving throws )
Alchemist(+3 concocting potions, occult lore and natural lore saving throws)
Cultist(+3 on intimidiation, occult lore and religious lore saving throws)
Priest(+3 on religious lore, diplomacy and history lore saving throws)
Sergeant(+3 on strategy, diplomacy and intimidiation saving throws)
Craftsman(+3 on craft, bargaining and evaluation saving throws )
Mountbank(+3 on bluff, gathering information and diplomacy saving throws)
Sage(+3 on three types of lore saving throws)
Assasin(+3 on stealth, acrobatics and disguise saving throws)
Bounty Hunter(+3 tracking, bargaining and gathering information saving throws)


Hand of the One(+1 on saving throws vs, magic, +1 on damage rolls against undead, demons and magic-users)
Crusader(+1 on morale rolls against pagans, undead, demons and magic-users)
Man of Woods(no movement penalties while travelling in wooded areas)
Lurker(enemies suprised on 1-2 on 1d6 roll)
Berserker(once per day, while in combat character goes berserk; -1 AC, -1 on attack roll, deals double damage dice while rolling for damage)
Chosen of the Spirits(once per day character can pass any saving throw)
Animal friend( -2 on reaction tables while dealing with animals)

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