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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Elven Warrior
Physical description: Elves stand average 5 feet tall, their posture is slim, but often with visible muscles. Except hair on their heads, they lack them on the other body parts.

Social structure: Elven society is divided into tribes, which are governed by the council of the tribes lead by the Queen. The society is matriarchal. Male elves' domains are war, hunting and craft, everything else is up to their female counterparts. Elves are nomad people. They wander around the Forest of Fae all the year except  for the winter when they  live in a underground dwellings. All the rest of the year they live in teepees. Their main soure of food is game and gathered fruits and roots.

Elven Shaman
Religion: Elves do not have a pantheon of gods per se, instead they revere nature in its wild aspect very often calling upon spirits of nature. Their typical religious proceedings resolve around doing choirs and many other forms of group chanting and singing sometimes accompanied by fluets, drums and kanteles.

Relations: Elves are a mystery in the known world, they seem to embody each and every aspect of nature itself, both graceful and wild, of untamed passion and secretiveness. They seem so human, yet, their culture and mentality seems very alien to other races, which cause many conflicts in the relations with other races. Usually they shun company of other races sporadically trading with the dwarves and barbarians. As for the nordmarkians no long-lasting relation has been established. They deeply hate beastmen as they think of them of a perversion of the nature.

Elven Teepee

Male names: Ahti, Aimo, Aki, Aku, Armas, Arvo, Eero, Eino, Ensio, Heino, Ilmari, Jalo, Kai, Kaleva, Kauko, Mainino

Female names: Aamu, Aino, Ansa, Eija, Enni,  Hella, Hilja, Ilma, Ilta, Impi, Kielo, Kiira, Kirsikka, Kukka, Kyllikki

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