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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dreamlands of the Barbaric Frontier

Dreamlands of the Barbaric Frontier work somewhat different than its Earth counterpart. The way Dreamlands can be accesed vary in terms of where they are accesed. Those places of entrance are corelands, borderlands and weirdlands. First one are civilised territories, where the only mean to enter Dreamlands is dreaming while sleeping. In very rare occurances, some powerful entity can bring one to the Dreamlands. Borderlands somewhat differ in that matter, the access to the Dreamlands is better, they can be entered not only by dreaming, and being brought there by a powerful entity but also by small reality holes which can be anywhere - in the big shadow or in the center of a meadow or behind a tree. Weirdlands go even further in terms of access to the Dreamlands - there you can get there by many such a sinkholes as mentioned above. Additionally entities   from the Dreamlands can enter the real world and cannot be banished as It could be done anywhere else.

Realms of the Dreamlands:

Labirinthia - vast - multi-level complex of labyrinthine structures of non-euclidean nature(think of the labyrinth plane from the Hellraiser II)

Grey Wastes - land covered in ash-like soil, with flat hills and fossilized forests, habitat of furry worms, ghouls and other foul creatures(remember Bettelgeuse movie?)

Korykeian Highlands - hill country of lost cave cities and dwellings of demons(Cavern cities of Cappadocia anyone?)

Moonlit Mountains - very high mountains made of black bazalt rock, habitat of white apes and moonbeasts(Mountains of Madness)

Choking Jungle - vast very humid jungle full of weird insects, unspeakable horror and cyclopean ruins(Jungle from the Fire & Ice movie)

Inner Sea - waters inpenetrable by sunlight, where sunken city lies and when stars are right will once again arise from the depths of the sea

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