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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Notable NPCs of Neuburg

Margrave Johann von Goethe
Johan von Goethe, margrave of Nordmark, of Goethe kurfirst family. He's a middle-aged man sent by his family to the Nordmark becaouse the scandal he has made - 14 years ago was revealed his incestuous relationship with his sister, to prevent political turmoil he was relegated by kurfirst von Goethe to the outskirts of the Groβe Reich.

Archbishop Gotlieb of Nordmark Archbishopry
This elderly man is the chief example of decadence that has spread among the clergy of the Church of the One. He's obese old man whose sexual lust is incomparable. People say that he has over 40 children with many of his mistresses.

Horst Geldmann - Tradeguild
Horst is a well-built man in his 40s. He is the guildmaster of the Tradeguild of Nordmark. He is the most influential and the wealthies single person in the Nordmark. It is said that his influence and wealth was acquired by means of black magic and demonic pacts.

Ulfi the Swift(dwarf lvl 5) - Leader of the Black Company
This dwarf in his 80s is the leader of the biggest mercenary company composed exlusively of dwarves in the Known World. 

Crom MacApple -elder of the halfling community of Neuburg
This elderly halfling aged 100 years is the most influential member of his race possibly in the whole Known World. His the leader of the halfling community in the Neuburg for 30 years. He is the only demi-human to be the komtur of the Ordo Malleus auxiliary contingent.

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