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Saturday, May 26, 2012

New house rules concerning spellcasting

To cast a spell caster must make a saving throw with penalty equal to the level of the spell that is being cast. Following table must then be consulted.

saving throw  effect
         1          spellcaster must immediately make a saving throw vs. death
      failed       sanity loss: 1-3rd level spell 1d4 sanity loss; 4-6th level spell 1d6 sanity loss; 7-9th level spell          
                     1d8 sanity loss
     passed      target: -1 to ST vs. spell
        20         target: no ST vs. spell


  1. Very elegant mechanic. Do you have your characters roll for Sanity like a stat? Do characters slowly go crazy as they lose Sanity, or does that only happen with Sanity is zero?

  2. I treat sanity as HP, at the character creation you multiply your WIS score by 5. Any sanity loss occurs you substract it from sanity points.