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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legends & rumors: Living Hill

Maybe a year ago a famous scoundrel and great bard of the north - Thomas Jakobsohn came by a strange hill, somewhere far in the north of the Neuburg. The day was passing sleeply into the darkness of night, while he was travelling through grassy hills. He could not find any proper place to establish a camp to hide from whatever might have been dwelling around there. So he placed his tent on a big grassy hill,hidden in the wild tufts of grass, where he could see everything around it for a few miles. The evening was cold so he warmed himself up with a nice bottle of wine, and he fell asleep. Weird things he have dreamt of, and when he finally woke up the other day and opened his eyes, he saw a huge big eye glaring at him. Within a glims of an eye, he got up and run from the hill to look at it from a safe distance. He could not believe, what he saw. This was a big hill with at least - five huge eyes as big as himself. Suddenly he felt that the ground was shaking, so he ran away, never to see this hill again. Up to this day he speaks of it in every inn or tavern of Nordmark he visits.

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