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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Briefly on the Barbaric Frontier

Precis: fantasy, cthulhu-mythos-infested-late-medieval-germanesque Vinland with conanesque barbarians 

Conspectus: Fog covered taiga with very low population; Neuburg - the only town in the Barbaric Frontier;ravaging barbarians; alien and indifferent Nyarlathotep-worshipping nomad elves; secretive dwarves unaware followers of Shub-Niggurath; peasant rebellions; witches burning at the stakes; camps of brigands led by rebel grafs; cyclopean ruins from the time of demonic rule; plotting cabals of sorcerors; cannibalistic Skraelings; beastmen created by the foul sorceror of the Obsidian Citadel; racial discrimination of halflings; Dagon lives in the Lake of Mist; seablooded live in the costal villages; Neuvolk - converted to the faith of the One barbarians hated by the pagans and nordmarkians; human sacrafice; Magrave of the Nordmark is a incestuous madman; Halfling exiles fiercely defend their new homeland which has the privilage of "de non tolerandis humanitas", that forbids any human to settle in the Halfling Hills; Weird sects conducting otherworldy rituals in secret underground chambers; shape-shifting shamans of elves and barbarians; dark altars devouted to the Cosmic Horror; 

Taste, sound, image: ale, roasted pork, early Black Sabbath albums, the 13th Warrior, Hammer Horrors, Flesh and Blood, E.A. Poe's novels

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