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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Concerning the Known World - random musings part I

Known World is a place were is the Barbaric Frontier. As I mentioned in the post "Brief history of the Known World" this was once a place of demonic rule. As this happened few thousand years ago only few scholars and sages are aware of details of this forgotten epoch. Others not aware of them are still reminded of the terrors of the past by the countless ruins laying all over the Known World. 

Whole Known World is a points of light world. Despite maps made by the most meticulous cartographers there are many blank spots on the map even in the most densly populated areas. This is because either common sense or in case of lack of it the Ordo Inqusitorum forbids getting anywhere near  ruins of great cities, temples and palace complexes from the time of demonic rule. Villages cirlce the main cities and towns of a region as close as possible and as far as possible from the ruins. 

However to the general rule, there's always an exception, the biggest metropolises of Verezzian League and some of the Reich are indeed built upon the demonic ruins. Things are different in the Despotare of Aegea, where settlements have a cultural continuity, still spoiled but not by the demons rather the unethical experiments of the great past of the aegeans themselves.

All this also applies to the Barbaric Frontier as Neuburg is also a place of sleep of a powerful entity of immense horror. Dragon Mountains are not only home to the eponymous dragons,but also for something more sinister and alien.

 Again sorry for my crappy english.

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