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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hate of gunpowder weapons

As long as I remember in rpg community there was a prevelent hate for gunpowder weapons. I wonder why.
So many rpg fans want their games to be realistic in terms of historical accuracy, and that contradicts the typical exclusion of the gunpowder weapons in a typical faux-medieval fantasty milieu.


  1. It ruined my pirate campaign, not having blackpowder, it seemed odd to have catapults on a pirate ship, never again.


  2. Well it would depend on when you are in the Middle Ages, n'est-ce pas? A lot of the settings that are concerned with being accurate, like Harn, are emulating the 12th century which wouldn't have gunpowder.

    My Dark Country setting has gunpowder in it - on about the handgonne level - because it's supposed to be around the year 1390.

  3. Okey, but as for the "implied setting" of the d&d it's late middle ages with full plate armor, so it's emulating XIV century onwards. That's why I wonder why people show much hate for gp weapons.

  4. Perhaps for some, it is a feeling that such weapons will be too "overpowered", or be too "inefficient" a weapon.

    My fantasy adventures are perhaps a bit too 'dark' inspiration-wise for the age of guns, but yah can bet yer' arse the alchemist's got bombs and 'gonnes.