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Monday, September 17, 2012

Weirding up the Barbaric Frontier

Human race is divided into two subraces: highmen and lowmen. First one are descendants of the starfaring civilization's genetically enhanced warriors. Second one are normal humans taken from the earth long time ago and enslaved by the servitor races. The main difference between those two branches is longer lifespan(approx. 150 years) and better resistance to common diseases(grants +2 on ST vs. disease and poison) and their height going up to 2 meters 30 centimeters. Highmen are typically aristocracy and nobility of the Known World while lowmen compromise peasants and burghers.

Dwarves are native race of some distant world with high gravity and elaborate cave system.

Elves are descendants of long extinct transdimensional civilization from the end of the universe, those who escaped the end of the universe live now as simple nomads in the northernmost forests in the Known World.

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